Networking - The Art of Making Connections

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DESIGNED FOR:    Managers, specialists, key employees and independent workers who are interested in sharing their knowledge, skills and expertise inside our outside their organisation which will promote them from the ranks of average to the realm of superb. 

RESULTS:               After this programme, you will: use positive influence and understand that it is not what your contacts can do for you that counts but what you can do for them.                                         

CONTENT:             Through discussions, assessments and practical exercises, this programme emphasises the changes in corporate, managerial and individual responsibilities and roles since the last decade and teaches ways of networking for success.                                   

Influence vs. Power

Ø       What is Influence? What is Power? What is more effective and when?

Ø       Schein’s “Teepee”: the central pole concept and its impact on the organisation

Ø       What is your predominant learning/communication style? How does it affect your dealings with others?

Ø       Understanding diversity: different genders, generations, cultures and personalities imply different human needs and different ways of networking: one size does not fit all!

 Ø       Secrets of networking

Ø       Negative ways of being remembered         

Networking Tips and Techniques

Ø       Are you a good listener? (Listening Skills Inventory)

Ø       Using “Helpful” language and effective listening skills

Ø       Asking the right questions

Ø       Difficulties of networking in a small business community such as Bermuda

Ø       Open vs. closed networking

Ø       Ways of promoting “Me, Inc.”                                    

 Effective interactions 

Ø       Establishing partnerships through volunteer work, community service, cross-departmental projects, etc.

Ø       When not to network

Ø       Leveraging networking (professional associations, centers of influence, nests, etc.)                                      

DURATION:            One full day