Effective Interviewing & Selction Strategies

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DESIGNED FOR:  All managers and supervisors who conduct hiring interviews  

RESULTS:            After this programme, you will: Follow a systematic approach that will help you find the applicant who best matches the job requirements thus reducing employee turnover. 

CONTENT:           This programme focuses on how to plan for and conduct face-to-face selection interviews and evaluate applicants in order to make hiring decisions.

Before the interview 

Ø       Partnering with Human Resources

Ø       Tips for reviewing an applicant’s file

Ø       Preparing a Job Profile: skills, knowledge, attributes and experience needed for fulfilling the position

Ø       The three types of questions

Ø       Designing an Interview Questionnaire to obtain the maximum information from an applicant 

During the interview 

Ø       Common errors made by managers during interviews (e.g. talking too much)

Ø       Complying with Employment Legislation and Human Rights Act

Ø       Asking the right questions                                    

After the interview                                                            

Ø       Using a decision-making matrix to evaluate applicants against the job requirements

Ø       Make a hiring decision 

DURATION:         One full day or two half-days (including preparation of Job Profiles and videotaped simulations)