Effective Leadership

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DESIGNED FOR:    Executives, Managers, Community Leaders  who are interested in increasing human performance and motivation within their department or organisation. 

PREREQUISITES:  Completion of “Team Effectiveness Questionnaire” and “Leadership Style Preferences” by participant and selected associates    

RESULTS:              After this programme, you will: understand what you need to change in your approach to get the best out of people and be perceived as a Leader.                                                                         

CONTENT:            This programme emphasises the changes in managerial responsibilities and roles since the last decade.                                   

Management vs. Leadership

Ø       Influence vs. Power

Ø       What is a leader?

Ø       Current research on Leadership

Ø       Common barriers to high productivity

Ø       What is your predominant style? Your perception vs. your associates' perception

Ø       Who do we need to influence? (different generations = different needs): Swing Generation, Baby Boomers, Generation X, Generation Y                                    

Motivational factors 

Ø       Maslow's hierarchy of needs

Ø       Herzberg motivational factors

Ø       Strategies for improving human performance: giving and receiving feedback                                    

Effective change implementation 

Ø       Understanding resistance to change

Ø       The three elements of change

Ø       Implementing a “change” campaign

Ø       The “Team Effectiveness Questionnaire”: find out what is wrong in your organisation or department and outline a plan to fix it                                    

Creative problem-solving

Ø       Brainstorming and Mind Mapping

Ø       Multi-voting technique to select the “best ideas” and act upon them                       

DURATION:           Two 3 ½ hour sessions or one full day