Frontline Ambassadors

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DESIGNED FOR:     All employees  

PREREQUISITES:  Pre-Workshop Assignment (Optional)

 Reading of Fish! By Stephen C. Lundin, Harry Paul and John Christensen, Hyperion, 2000 

RESULTS:             After this programme, you will: project professionalism and self-confidence when interacting with your customers and your colleagues.                                                                        

CONTENT:           This programme uses assessments, videos and practical exercises to help individuals and teams improve their communication and interactions with their customers and with each other.

     Module 1 (Communication Principles)

Ø       This segment of Module 1 is optional (only done if Fish book is used)

Good service = More a Question of Attitude than Skills (Book Discussion Fish)   

Ø          Discussion on book (Favourite quote, most touching, unusual or interesting quote/story in the book)

Ø          Fish Stories which engaged and surprised customers

Ø          The Four Rules of the Fish Philosophy


Ø       The Art of Communication (Communication Process and Communication Components)

Ø       A client Service Report Card – How do we score?

Ø       Frame of References: how they act as filters in our perceptions and actions

Ø       “Communication Styles”: Self-Assessment and Analysis of individual scores

Ø       The four communication styles and their impact on how we relate to others 

Module 2 (Characteristics of varied customers and individuals)

Ø       Role Play: Providing explanations to customers who like details, customers who only want the bottom-line or customers who put emphasis on the “people aspect”

Ø       Clients Expectations and needs

Ø          Quiz: How familiar are you with the four generations currently in the workplace?

Ø          Characteristics of Generation Y, Generation X, Baby Boomers and the Swing/Senior Generation

Ø          Large group discussion: How can we better meet the needs and expectations of Generation Y, Generation X, Baby Boomers and the Swing/Senior Generation?

Ø       He said/She said: Gender differences (different perspectives)

Ø       Understanding Cultural Difference for Better Interactions with Colleagues and Customers

Ø          Quiz: What do you know about some of the cultures that we deal with?

Ø          The power and impact of stereotypes in our interactions with others

Ø          Characteristics of cultural and ethnic groups prevalent in Bermuda

Ø          Large group discussion 

Module 3 (Service Skills and Key Service Elements)

Ø       The five fundamental service skills: listening, focusing on the customer, earning the right to advance, involving the customers, questioning,

Ø       Skills practice exercise on questioning

Ø       Self-Evaluation: “Are you a good listener?”

Ø       Skills practice exercise on listening

Ø       Tips for establishing a long-term relationship based on trust

Ø       Simple lines that add “charisma” to the service mix

Ø       Handling difficult customers – The art of showing empathy to reduce the tension

Ø       Videotaped Role-Play followed by feedback: Irate Customers Scenarios

   Module 4 (The Five-Step Service Model)

(Overview and Practice Session)

Ø       Step 1:  Greet the customer

Ø       Step 2:  Assess customer’s needs

Ø       Step 3:  Satisfy needs

Ø       Step 4:  Answer customer’s questions or concerns and show empathy (if required)

Ø       Step 5:  Close in a cheerful manner  

DURATION:           Four half-days (3 ½-hour modules) from 9:00 – 12:30 or from 1:30 – 5:00

         ***      Completion of Individual Action Plan (to be returned 4 weeks after the programme)