Getting the Most Out of Your Employees

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DESIGNED FOR: Managers, Supervisors and Team Leaders who are interested in increasing commitment and human performance within their department, unit or organisation. 

RESULTS:            After this programme, you will: select the proper strategies to sustain motivation and productivity and conduct one-on-one or group discussions with your employees that focus on improving productivity, increasing commitment or developing specific behaviours or skills.

CONTENT:           This programme uses group discussions and skills practice exercises to help managers and leaders inspire employees to become more effective in their job and more committed to the organisation.                                   

Boss? Manager? Leader?

Ø       Quiz “Would you work for you?

Ø       Characteristics of good managers

Ø       Understanding the Task vs. Relationship concept

Ø       The environment which is considered a great place to work?

Ø       What do people want from their jobs?                                    

Giving and Receiving Feedback

Ø       Ground rules for giving feedback

Ø       Ground rules for receiving feedback

Ø       Applying employees ideas and suggestions

Ø       Practice exercise: giving feedback                          

Coaching: What? Why? When? How?

Ø       Attribution of causes of poor performance

Ø       Overview of situations where coaching is appropriate

Ø       Roles of the coach   

Ø     A five step collaborative approach to deal with issues of performance or behaviour to enhance performance                                      

Motivational Strategies

Ø       What is motivation?

Ø       Theories of motivation

Ø       25 techniques to sustain the motivation and productivity of employees

Ø       Case studies: which strategy/technique would work best in a given situation?                                    

The Four Generations in the workplace

Ø       Quiz on generations

Ø       Characteristics of Swing Generation, Baby Boomers, Generations X & Y          

Ø       Tips for managing members of each generation  

DURATION:           One full day