Preventing Harassment and Discrimination in the Workplace

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DESIGNED FOR:   All managers and employees who want to explore the issues of discrimination and harassment and to find out what their individual rights and responsibilities are                        

RESULTS:             After this programme, you will: Know what discrimination and harassment are and are not and appreciate the various options for dealing with discrimination and harassment

 CONTENT:          This programme refers to pertinent legislation and uses explanations and case studies to help people understand the issues of discrimination and harassment.                                     

What is work place discrimination and harassment?

Ø       Definition of harassment

Ø       Definition of discrimination

Ø       Guiding principles

Ø       Prohibited grounds of discrimination and harassment (includes sexual harassment and poisoned work environment)                                    

How does discrimination and harassment happen?

Ø          Workplace harassment and discrimination – policy violations

Ø          Quiz on harassment and discrimination

Ø          Case studies

Ø          Discussion                                    

What we can we do about these issues?

Ø          Employee/Manager responsibility  

Ø          Remedies and resolution options

Ø          30 minutes Question and Answer period with a former Supreme Court Judge   (for management groups only)                                   

DURATION:          One half-day session