Proactive Service, Tips for Servicing and Retaining Clients

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DESIGNED FOR: Client Relations Specialists, Customer Service Administrators, Sales Managers and Sales Representatives who deal with clients on a daily basis. 

RESULTS:        After this programme, you will: Promote, administer or sell products and services that meet the needs of your clients and increase your client base 

CONTENT:       This programme reviews key concepts for focusing on clients’ needs and maintaining long-term client relationships                                                           

Module 1:          Communication Principles and Styles

Ø       Frames of references: their impact on how we send or receive information

Ø       Overview of “Communication Styles” and their impact on how we deal with clients. Tailoring your e-mails to match the style of your clients

Ø       “Are you Visual or Auditory?” – How does this affect your clients?

Ø       Communication Components: the message is not only in the words!  

Module 2:         Fundamental Selling/Service Skills and Attributes 

Ø       Clients’ expectations and needs: the diversity factor

Ø       Gaining clients’ trust

Ø       Needs vs. Benefits: what does the client really want?

Ø       Fundamental Selling/Service Skills:  Focusing on the client, Earning the right advance, Involving the client, Questioning, Listening

Ø       Skills practice exercise and diagnosis on effective questioning and listening

 Module 3:         The Seven-Step Process

The Seven-Step Process for face-to-to face interactions

Ø          Greeting the client and establish rapport 

Ø    Identifying the client’s needs (effective questioning & listening)

Ø         Satisfying the needs (providing information, describing products and services using F-A-B statements, processing a transaction, etc.)

Ø          Handling objections effectively and confidently

Ø          Suggesting other products or services that may be of value to the client

Ø          Closing the meeting in a positive manner

Ø          Follow up and follow through 

DURATION:      One day