Powerful Communication Skills

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DESIGNED FOR:   All employees 

RESULTS:             After this programme, you will: project professionalism and self-confidence when communicating with your clients, your associates and your colleagues. 

CONTENT:           This programme uses assessments, videos and practical exercises to help individuals and teams improve their communication with each other.                                   

Components of communication

Ø       The “Communication Process”

Ø       Frame of references and how they impact on how we send or receive information

Ø       The three components of a verbal message

Ø       Intonation and its impact on interpersonal relations

Ø       Analysing the meaning of non-verbal communication: looking for signs of discomfort, impatience, acceptance, enthusiasm, etc.                                    

Identifying Your Communication Style

Ø      Self-assessment (“I-Speak” designed by DBM) to determine one's style

Ø      Analysis of results

Ø      How to diagnose another person's style without giving him or her the test

Ø      When and how to adapt to another person's style

Ø       The "Are you visual or auditory concept?"

Ø      How visual and auditory people react to different situations 


DURATION:          One half-day session