Presenting for Results

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DESIGNED FOR:   Managers, Specialists, Sales Representatives and Account Executives who must make group presentations. 


RESULTS:              After this programme, you will: analyse your audience needs and organise your presentations in order to convince audience members or get action.                                                                          

CONTENT:             This programme uses videos and practice exercises to introduce techniques and skills to successfully address an audience and get results.                                   

Analysis Phase

Ø       Setting a presentation objective

Ø       Identifying audience needs

Ø       Selecting major points                                        

Structure Phase  (the notion of needs and benefits)

Ø       Opening remarks     

Ø       Introduction

Ø       Body of presentation

Ø       Closing Statement

Ø       Anticipating audience reactions

Ø       Handling objections

Ø       Handling questions                                    

Enhancement Phase

Ø       Using rhetorical devices

Ø       Preparing and using visual aids

Delivery Phase

Ø       Tips for delivering confidently

Ø       Platform Skills                                                                 

Practice Exercise and Feedback from facilitator & participants

Ø       Delivery of a short presentation  

DURATION:           Three three-hour sessions or 1 ½ day