The Organised Business Person

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DESIGNED FOR:   Managers, specialists, sales representatives and office staff who require a system to more effectively manage their professional and personal time. 

RESULTS:             After this programme, you will: plan, organise and control events to get the results which you want in your professional and personal life while maintaining a high energy level                                             

CONTENT:           This programme explores the concept of time and harmony in life and introduces (through practical exercises and demonstrations) some fundamental time management principles, techniques and tools.

Concept of Time 

Ø           Self-Assessment

Ø           Key Time Management principles: what the experts say

Ø           Identifying your current prime time and making the most of it

Ø           Monochronic vs. Polychronic concept of time

Ø           The “Wheel Balance” – What aspects of your life need more attention?                                                                         

Results Management

Ø       Shifting from thinking about time to thinking about results: activity is not equal to productivity

Ø       Should you file, act or toss? Five key questions to guide your decision

Ø       How to capture great ideas that come at inopportune times

Ø       Discovering how to convert ideas into completed actions

Ø       Identifying your current time wasters and preparation of an action plan                                                 

Planning and Goal Setting

Ø       The “Setting Priorities” Matrix

Ø       Establishing S.M.A.R.T. goals and breaking them down into manageable activities using a paper or an electronic planner

Ø       In-Basket exercise: setting priorities                                    

Time Management Tools and Techniques

Ø       Goal setting sheets 

Ø       Diaries

Ø       To-Do lists

Ø       Electronic diaries and devices                        

DURATION:           One half-day