Team Building

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DESIGNED FOR:    All managers and their employees involved in teamwork and all teams wanting to work more harmoniously and productively together. 

RESULTS:              After this programme, you will: use skills, techniques and tools to develop high-potential, high-energy teams which get things done in a cooperative manner.                                                                       

CONTENT:            This programme uses videos, games and practical exercises to help teams improve their effectiveness.                                   

The four Communication Styles (optional)

Ø       Self-assessment to determine one's style and analysis of results

Ø       Characteristics of each style

Ø       How to diagnose another person's style without giving him or her the test

Ø       When and how to adapt to another person's style                                    


Ø          Why teams are formed

Ø          What is teamwork

Ø          Benefits of teamwork: the "Lunar Survival Exercise"

Ø          The four stages of Team Development

Ø          The four roles of Team Participants

Ø          The "Team Effectiveness Questionnaire": Leader's perception vs. members' perception                                    

Effective change implementation

Ø          Understanding resistance to change: game      

Ø          The three elements of change: how to introduce a change smoothly                                                                     

Handling Potential Team Problems

Ø          Symptoms of Team Problems

Ø          Giving and Receiving Feedback to and from team members: theory and skills practice exercise    

Ø          Resolving team conflicts

Ø          Different strokes for different folks: dealing with difficult team participants                                      

Creativity and Innovation

Ø           Creative techniques: most creative moments, Brainstorming, Mind Mapping, etc.

Ø           Skills practice exercise using brainstorming and mind-mapping

Ø           How to kill a good idea

Ø           Multi-voting technique to select “best ideas” 

DURATION:           Four three-hour sessions or two days