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DESIGNED FOR:   Managers, supervisors and technical specialists who design and conduct training sessions


RESULTS:              After this programme, you will: design and conduct effective training programmes which will get learners' attention and increase work productivity.                  

CONTENT:            This programme emphasises the importance of preparing for programmes taking into account participants' learning styles and performance objectives as well as the trainer's teaching objectives.                                               

Basics of programme design 

Ø       Learning Style Inventory and its impact on learning and training

Ø       Adult learning principles

Ø       The four generations and their learning needs

Ø       A “Systems Approach” for instructional design

Ø       Writing teaching goals and performance objectives

Ø       Selecting appropriate methods and media to build interesting learning activities

Ø       Platform skills                                     

Design considerations

Ø       Choosing the right audio-visual supports

Ø       Designing Lesson Plans and Detailed Facilitator's guide and checklists

Ø       Developing and using job aids

Ø       Writing step-by-step procedures: the 3-5-7 magical numbers   

Programme Evaluation

Ø       Four effective evaluation methods

Ø       Validation: Did you teach the right thing?

Ø       Developing evaluation tools         

Practice Session

Ø       Simulation of 10-15 min. training session and feedback  

DURATION:           Two days (one week apart) from 9:00 – 4:30