Building Client Relationships

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DESIGNED FOR:    Executives, Client Relations Specialists, Sales Managers and Sales Representatives who deal with clients or a daily basis.

RESULTS:           After this programme, you will: promote and sell products and services that match your clients' needs/expectations and increase your clients base.

CONTENT:             This four-module programme reviews key concepts for focusing on clients' needs and maintaining long-term client relationships. 

Module 1:                 The Impact of Human Behaviour on Client Relationships

Ø       The Communication process and the four communication styles

Ø       Frames of references and how they impact on how we send or receive information

Ø       The three components of a verbal message

Ø       Understanding non-verbal signals: looking for signs of discomfort, impatience, acceptance, enthusiasm, etc.

Ø       Are you visual or auditory?                                   

Module 2:                 Fundamental Selling/Service Skills and Attributes

Ø       Clients’ Expectations and needs: characteristics of Generation Y, Generation X, Baby Boomers and the Swing Generation

Ø       Gaining clients’ trust

Ø       Needs vs. Benefits

Ø       Fundamental Selling Skills: Focusing on the client, Earning the right advance, Involving the client, Questioning, Listening

Ø       Skills practice exercise and diagnosis on Effective Questioning and Listening                                    

Module 3:                 Business and Service Strategy

Ø       A client-service report card

Ø       The Two Levels of Business and Service Interactions

Ø       Core or Minimal Value Level Service

Ø       Optimal Value Level Service

Ø       Developing a Business and Service Strategy

Ø       Employee Authority Survey: Manager’s perception vs. Employees’ perception

   Ø       The four areas of Service Effectiveness                                                      

Module 4:                 Powerful strategies to keep and increase your client base

Ø       Prospecting: natural markets, centres of influence, nests

Ø       The cost of loosing a client

Ø       Creative thinking: mindmapping (explanation of process)

Ø       What organisations and individual departments can do to maintain and increase their client base: brainstorming, using a mind map.  Large group discussion to share ideas

Ø       International Business Etiquette (China, United States & Canada, United Kingdom, Europe, Japan, Hong-Kong, Russia, South America, etc.) 

DURATION:           Four half-day sessions or two days